Weekend Edition of Environmental Bit and Nutrition Bite!

Environmental Bit:  Inspired by mywalks around town and my constant acknowlegement on my runs that the path is directly on the seawall for Baltimore, I bring you your contribution to stormwater runoff.  Next time you throw your gum on the ground or any other sort of trash out the window, think about where it will end up.  There is a saying that all rivers lead to the ocean, and just to add all storm drains when hit with flash floods and huge amounts of rain lead directly to those rivers.  Living so close to the Chesapeake Bay I know that water quality is a very important issue (it is also my job).  It just makes my heart drop when I see work men hosing down their sidewalk directly into a drain 50ft away from the Bay, or the people that think it is OK to flick their Cig out the window when they are done.  These thing all find their way into our water system, and contribute to the Bay’s current rating of D- for WQ.  SO, my take home message is…trash it!  Put your trash into a trash can.  If you see a plastic bag wizzing by you or a can on the side of the road, pick it up and throw it out.  You will be doing everyone a favor.  Thank you for my time on the soap box 🙂

Nutrition Bite:  This bite was inspired by my Saturday night slip up with the Utz crab chips…Avoid temptation of late night snacking (I used to be that girl to hit up 7-11 and down a bag of cool ranch muncies before bed) .  It is very easy to over eat when you are out late at night and have been drinking.  I know that around me there are certain businesses that are only open late on Friday and Saturday because they are surround by bar crawlers with the munchies.  Thing that I have tried to do to avoid these places are:  Not let Nick near them ;), think to myself, is this really what I NEED right now or do I just want it?  Will I even remember it in the morning if I am just home to sleep after I chow down?  And the most important thing I have found is that when you come home go straight to bed.  I have found that if I sit down in front of the TV or come into the kitchen I am more likely to eat, eat, EAT!

Side note:  One of my male friends (who is trying to lose weight) informed me that this was his late night binge – 1 leftover grilled pork sausage, crab chips (obviously we had the same idea), and two soft pretzels with 2 nacho cheeses.  If I had to guess I would say that is about 1,000 calories that he didn’t even remember in the morning…was it worth it?


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