Biggest Loser Dinna

Tonight is the season finale of Biggest Loser!!! i have been watching through the grueling 6 months show cheering for my girl Tara on the green team.  They brought back Carla and Joelle, which were “classy” as always.  They lost a lot of weight, but seem to be the ones with the furthest to go…Jerry is still on top for the at home contestants, but he has some serious competition coming up next.  Not really sure what is going to happen between the hours of 8 and 10 next week, but I am sure I will find something to fill the void.  Nick came for dinner tonight and helped make the salads :).  In addition we had “Biggest Loser” Shrimp Greek Pasta:

  • 2 servings Barilla Plus angel hair pasta
  • 1/2 cup chopped kalamata olives
  • 1/2 cup crumbled feta
  • herb sauce – bunch – thyme, basil, parsley; couple sprinkles soy nuts, olive oil, 1 clove garlic, S&P
  • 1 shallot choppedIMG_3264
  • 1.5 cups frozen spinach
  • 1 clove garlic
  • EVOO

In a food processor combine the above – herb sauce – ingredients to a fine blend.  In a saute pan 2tbs EVOO, garlic, shallots until the shallots are clear.  Cook pasta according to box directions.  Add shrimp and spinach to shallot mix and cook until shrimp is half way to done.  Pour in olives and herb sauce and cook the shrimp the rest of the way through.  Divide pasta and shrimp combo two ways.  Sprinkle feta over each dish.

Side salad was: herb mix, cucs, orange pepper, tomato and balsamic.

IMG_3265         Overall the pasta was good, but I think next time I make it I will add more veggies and remove some pasta.  Back to the Biggest Loser finale!  Gooooooo TARA!


2 Comments on “Biggest Loser Dinna”

  1. Lynne says:

    did the dad or son get in the final 3?

    • lilybeans says:

      It was Mike and he looked great! They all seemed like they had Hollywood make overs with bleeched teeth and spay tans. Oh and Helen won!

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