His and Her lunches

I made lunch for Nick and I today; he is trying to turn away from the many fast food options that usually face him at lunch time.  I still add in thing like Scooby snacks because I would rather him the the 80cal there then a 300+ cal sandwich from Wendy’s.  For me I had a turkey sami with kalamata olive humus spread and a slice of fresh mozzarella, fruit salad with mango, apple, blackberries and strawberries and a raspberry Wallaby yogi.  Nick had the sandwich, scooby snacks, fruit salad, string cheese and garden salsa sun chips.  If  you have not tried this flavor of sun chip, you must!  It is so delicious, and adds some spice to the normal whole grain taste of the chips!

his and her lunch 5.13.09

I have my second favorite spin class of the week tonight!  Lets just hope Jamie desides to show up this time.  Don’t you hate when you have a sub you didn’t plan for 😦

Until dinner!


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