Traffic Delay and Sub, Bummer

On my way home I have to travel through a tunnel which leads to a toll.  One of the side of the tunnel was closed due to an accident soooo I decided to go through the city.  Not.The.Best.Idea.  It took me twice as long to get home and therefore I missed my warm up run, arms and abs before spin.  I was just thankful I got there in time to get a bike.  The downside was that there was the sub!! ugh.  I took the class anyway and it wasn’t my favorite, a bunch of strange hill exercises and very timed out instead of the hard core free rides I enjoy.  I felt like I didn’t get enough out of it so I ran for another 20min on the treadmill and did some bosu abs, no arms today 😦

Due to my late arrival at the gym, I was also late leaving.  By the time I got home I was starving!  I whipped up some tofu with fajita seasoning, green beans with wheat berries and a side salad with baby peppers, tomatoes and BV.  I also had a slice of left of Chibatta bread from this past weekends french toast with light butter.


After dinner I made some more fruit salad, and EEEK saw a mouse saunter out from under our dishwasher!  This is the price one pays for living in the city!  At least it wasn’t a rat, they are the size of cats here.

Bonne Nuit!


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