Linda Lunch!

Out to lunch for our Administrative Assistant Lindoooooo!  We went to Nick’s Fish House on the water and would have sat outside if not for the wind.  The menu carried the normal Maryland seaside fare ranging from the Maryland Crab soup to the Crab Pretzel.  I was torn between the turkey club and the Gorgonzola salad.  I went with the salad with grilled chicken no walnuts (I’m allergic) and dressing on the side.  I also knew I would not be happy with white bread.  It was lacking a bit in its name sake, Gorgonzola, but the greens were fresh and the chicken cooked well.  The herb dressing was also warm, and this added a nice touch.  It also said it came with granny smith apples (I love them with Gorgonzola) but only three small slices were part of the dish.  I did get a pickle from Debbie and a laugh out of the fries they were serving at lunch that day 🙂



My afternoon fruit salad appeared around 3pm due to the lack of whole grains at lunch, but still did not cut it.  Before my run I had two large handfuls of rainforest granola, yum!  Kickball tonight so the run was a short 4miles with an ab set at the end.  Off to get another W!


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