To Market and Making

Today was my first visit to the farmers market in downtown B-more.  Before I left I had a quick breakfast of; zucchini bread toasted with tupelo honey, vanilla yogi with granola, wheat berries and banana.  Oh and a cup of TJs breakie blend. IMG_3299

I dragged Nick along on my market adventure, and he ended up being a good sport about it :).  Once there I wanted to take a tour around before buying anything.  I was really curious to I see if anyone had homemade nut butters, considering how popular they have become.  Unfortunately I only found honey, jams and salsa in jars.  There were about equal parts farmers to food purveyors, which was interesting to me because the farmers markets I have been to is all about the uncooked (besides baked goods).  The assortment of goods was mainly greens, strawberries, and some last root veggies.  I ended up getting some free range (and I asked if they really were) chicken eggs, baby leaf lettuce and a goat cheese spread with ginger and honey in it.  Nick got a Thai Tea, which we waited way too long for and he said was super sweet.  Next time I would like to try some of the meat from the local farms they had mainly pork and chickens and I am sure beef will be coming in the later months.  I learned last night that beef is a fall time meat.  TreeBaltimore was giving away free trees to anyone who lived in the city, which I thought was neat-o! IMG_3300The vendor pic below is NUTS!  All of the bins are filled with different assortments of nuts and mixes sold by the red and white cones.

IMG_3301After the market I came home and transplanted my giant growing herbs and peppers into their own pots (Boy were those roots suck together!).  I just hope they survive the transplant!  I then bit the bullet and tried to make homemade larabar-ish things.  They went a little something like this: 6 dates, 8 figs, 1/4 cup mixed almonds, pistachios, cashews and macadamia nuts, 1tbs honey and a dash of cinnamon (that is all that would fit into my small food processor).






They are currently in large bar form in the freezer chillin.  I figured them out to have about 190 cal each.  Will let you know how they go!


Taking a break I wipped up some scrabbled eggs with dill, tomatoes and sharp cheddar.  Side item a pear and another slice of zuc bread!


My next attempt was Tofu Chips.  Well this was adventure.  I made cinnomon, old bay, chili powder, garlic powder and no salt added italian seasoning.IMG_3305Lets just say that I still have some kinks to work out and watch out for air pockets!  I had a few fly off the tray and burn at the bottom on the stove, yep fire alarm wet off…After the excitement I went for a 4.5 mile run followed by 10min yoga for core and 20 min calm yoga.  After a shower I was starving!  I knew I wanted to use the lettuce from the market and eat some of my salvaged tofu chips.  I went with: the lights and most tender baby greens ever!, white beans, black beans, half a sweet potato, 1/4 cup white corn, cherry tomatoes and zuc.  To dress it I made a plain yogurt with hot sauce, cumin, red chili pepper flakes, garlic powder and oregano.  Side item: garlic powder and chili powder tofu chips! (I could not turn the pic grrr…you get the point though!)



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