Vote With Your Fork!

“Eat Food. Not Too Much.  Mostly Plants.” – Micheal Pollan

Last night was awesome!!!!  I got there a little before 5pm when the library closes and they kicked us out until 5:30pm when the event was starting.  It was a nice night so I perched myself a top some sort of city meter thing and kept reading my book.  Eating was no allowed inside the library so even though I wasn’t really hungry I thought I should eat my turkey sami that I had brought for dinner.  This is what the line looked like at 5:15pm (Keep in mind the actual speaking was not happening until 7pm!)


 There was also a really pretty basilica across the way!










Once we got inside, I scored a front row seat (well front row behind the reserved seating)!  The place filled quickly and around 6:30pm I started getting hungry/bored.  I had packed other items to eat, but had to be sneaky about eating them from inside my purse.  I consumed an apple, zuc and cherry tomatoes before Micheal was introduced by the Chief of Nutrition for the Baltimore Public Schools (hard J-O-B!)





The Chief (I can’t remember his name and I feel so bad!) started off with some props; an apple, apple juice box, and a sliver slim canned apple flavored juice (looked like a red bull).  He said, “This is the progression of an apple in our school system”.  It is strange but I remember getting apple juice boxes in my lunch AND apples.  I guess my generation is sort of a cross bread.  He went on to talk about the many improvements he is making to the city school lunches.  He really impressed me with the following: he has started a 33 acre farm for children to visit and plant, grow, and eat their own food, he has created a meatless Monday for next years food calender, which not only cuts back on cost BUT fossil fuels!  He then introduced Micheal who spoke about his books followed by a one on one Q&A then audience questions.  These are some key points I found from the lot:

  • “Free Range”  is more like saying vacation option for chickens
  • “Pasture Finished”  is what you are really looking for on a label
  • Local Local Local farming needs to become a mainstream practice
  • Vote on the Farm Bill!
  • Stewardship and movement towards change is needed to make an impact
  • Vegetarians and Meat Eaters are always in battle, but why?
  • Never eat Feed Lot Meat – “Sh*t gets in the meat”
  • People need to learn how to cook again and have a willingness to do so
  • They used to have to dye margarine pink because it was a imitation butter and they didn’t want people getting confused – from “In Defense of Food”

Micheal on the Right Chief to the left


All in all a great speech + Q&A.  I would have liked him to talk more about the Omnivore’s Dilemma (it is more about the environmental impact of the food industry) but HE SIGNED MY BOOK!!!  After signage I quickly grabbed a cab and headed to federal hill to catch the tail end of a Preakness party (YAY RACHEL ALEXANDER!! showing the boys up!)  There I found Nick and some firefly sweet tea vodka…FYI only drink one, so much sugar masking the vodka, but it was delicious!  I nibbled on some pretzels and a piece if zuc bread that I brought for dessert.  On the way home we got soaked!  TG I had my umbrella in my giant bag! 😉



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