Tostada + Summer Ale!

Yes,  no sub at Spin!  Monday is my favorite class, 45min of serious non-stop workout (this tearch does not believe in recovery time)!  I also got in some BOSU abs and a little arms before class.

Dinner was a bit up in the air until I noticed I had a ripe avocado, and Nick was coming!  Then the gears were a turning.  I knew I wanted to use the chicken in the fridge and jalapeno…Mexican!  fajita? No. Tacos? No.  Tostadas or Mexican Pizza? YES!!!  I cut up some Yukon gold potatoes that have been laying around zucchini, mushrooms and onions and put them in a foil pack in the grill.  Next I took two chicken breasts and EVOO with fajita seasoning to the grill.  While they were cooking a made up an avocado, plain yogurt, cumin, cilantro (from the garden!!!), and jalapeno.  I also threw two WW tortillas into the oven to get them crispy.  Once toasted I pulled them out and slathered them in the avacado blend.  I spit the grilled veggies and chicken between the two and ta-da!  Like a little Mexican pizza!







Nick brought over Sam’s Summer Ales (first of the season) and I sipped on one through dinner.  We also had simple side salads.  Well off to bed early!! Stupid sideways pic again… Night all!!!!!



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