Diet Thoughts Early in the Morning…

Interesting bit about what I read last night.  Pollan goes into describing a few of the different types of diets that have become fads in the US.  The first being the Mediterranean Diet, ” This diet is believed to be one of the most healthful traditional diets, yet much of what we know about it is based on studies of people living in the 1950s in Crete – people who in many respects led lives different from own.”  He goes into how much more physical labor they preformed compared to the average 21st century American and how their religious beliefs held true to many fasts throughout the year.   He then goes into the all vegetarian diet and how the study was done on Seventh-Day Adventists who also do not drink or smoke, which curb anyone’s nutrition.  It is almost as if we are trying to fix a circle with a square.  The last example he gives is of people that take supplements are healthier then those who don’t.  This is more due to the socio-economic status of those that don’t take supps rather then actually taking of a vitamin (I actually new this one before!).  So there you have it folks!  My diet bit for the morning!  I think I will do this more often as I read through the book….note of this section: don’t fall into fads too quickly!


I needed a break from oats and still had those eggs from the farmers market so I ended up making an open face egg sami with goat cheese, avocado and hot sauce on the butt of my Arnold flax and fiber bread.  A few strawberries and a huge blackberry also made the plate!  It a nice change up!


Tomorrow is Friday and Maine!!!!!


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