Do the Long Weekend Dance!

Amen to oats!  They held me over much better then my previous breakfast!  My belly didn’t start grumbling until 10:30 when it should…4hours after b-fast!  I fed it the usual 1/4 mix up of prunes (don’t judge me for eating prunes, I love them!) almonds and dark chocolate covered raisins.  The morning went by pretty quickly on part I am sure because I wasn’t watching the seconds tick away until lunch, but when the clock did strike lunch time it was delicious!

I had a salad of grilled chicken, almonds, tofu chips, tomatoes, goat cheese and avocado with HM balsamic.  I also had my usual yogi, but this one was mocha flavored and great on my fruit salad!  Mocha+Mango = YUMERS!


I didn’t go to the gym after work because I needed to finish packing and make dinner and I didn’t want to be rushed.  Besides I am planning on going for a very long run along the beach in Maine this weekend so I needed a day off.  I did however need a snack upon my arrival.  I remembered I had made homemade larabars last Sunday? and I STILL had not tried one.  WOW heavenly!  The figs were amazing and the macadamia nuts had that earth bite to them! Sooooo goooood!  I think I might try just making a sort of homemade fig newton next time because the dates were super sweet.  Sorry that the pic is blurry!  My camera seem to like the counter top more then my bar, but not me!IMG_3338

Before I forget Naturally Nutty is having a sale until 6/30 on their Chocolate Butter Toffee Peanut Butter 15oz for $6! Super Deal!

For dinner tonight I am grilling up a jalapeno cumin pork tenderloin with zuc and southwest TJs harvest grains blend (couscous, orzo, baby garbanzo beans, and red quinoa – really good but always needs a sauce or salt – amazing with curry!) for Nick and I before he takes me to the airport.  Tear.



Maine-ward bound!!!  I will have a full report blog of all the goings on upon my return!  Until Monday…Happy Memorial Day!



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