Memorial Day Weekend

Saturday Morning poised and ready to take on the Freeport Outlets!  I went for a run early, because who knows when I would be able to get out later in the day.  It was great running along the beach, but it was a little cold out.  Going from 80 to 60 brrrr.  Breakfast of warm coffee, grapefruit juice All Bran reg and strawberry with strawberries on top.  We then headed to Freeport to do some serious damage.

IMG_3342IMG_3343L.L. Bean with all their glorious totes.  I got a lunch box version!  We ended at When Pigs Fly bread company before meeting my roommate from high school for Chinese.  This bread company was amazing!  They sampled out everything they sold and only sold what was made that day.  All others go to food banks and shelters in the area.  All of their breads have about 5 ingredients, which is always a good sign and they had very interesting flavors.  Most interesting to me was the chocolate bread.  They also had a whole wheat pecan-cran-raspberry (the one I choose), cookies, and bread puddings.  Chinese was your typical fare.  Katherine and I split chicken lo meinand streamed veggies with garlic sauce on the side.  We also sampled the bbq honey chicken, gooooie.  I also enjoyed a few cups of tea and hot and sour suop given the 60 degrees and windy weather, really hit the spot.

















My mom and I split an almond, dark chocolate cranberry cook for dessert, delicious!


After lunch we did a little more shopping and then had to head home to get ready for dinner at the Back Bay Grill in Portland, ME.  The menu was small and very refined with lots of ingredient components for every dish.  I started off with a glass of pinot grigio and a piece of warm chewy bread.










They then brought is a tasting from the kitchen of chicken, and homemade sausage in a cup.  It only tasted like a pound of butter, yuck!


Next course I ordered the Halibut with chickpeas, swisschard, golden beets and tomatoes in a light broth.  My mom and I also split a side of fiddle heads, small, crunchy and delicious!








AND last but not least DESERT.  My grandparents split caramel ice cream with caramel Bourbon sauce.  My mom and I split a vanilla panna cotta with rhubarb and ginger sauce.  The panna cotta was so light and delightful.  The ice cream tasted like dulce de leche.


Day Well Done!

Day one I will leave you with some artwork from dinner.







Sunday was Birthday Picnic Day for my Grandfather.

Morning breakfast of strawberry all bran and reg., side of papaya, coffee and grapefruit juice.


After Breakfast I went for a quick run and then with my grandfather to get the fixins for lunch.  Lobster Meat! YUM.  My mom and grandmother worked on lunch while Pops and I had a tutorial on the computer and the world of G-Mail.

Quick Shower…

Guacamole and Whiskey Sours were waiting!






And then it was onto Lobster Salad, BBQ chips and Pickles!  Perfect Picnic fare, inside.  Check out the watermelon table cloth!












I had a Hershey’s dark chocolate square for dessert.

I then went for about an hour walk with my mom on the beach and on the woods.  Check out how beautiful Maine is!  Flower is an endangered Lady Slipper!


The birthday celebration continued into the night…starting with cheese and wine!

IMG_3385IMG_3389Momma and I with the crabapple tree!


Dinner consisted of Lamb Chops, Asparagus and baked potato (I took out most of the inside and ate the the yummy skins as a sort of wrap).  – Not pictured, but dessert and funny pictures were! My grandfather in his funny hat!  Cake was a lemon and Maine blueberry bread pudding with Champagne.  Mom and I goofing off in our hats.




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