Almond Butter Warning

I felt that this needed its own bit: Almond butter cannot be taken on a plane…

While traveling to Maine I wanted to bring a jar of almond butter, who doesn’t??  It was actually a thank you to my HS roommate for picking up Orioles vs. Red Sox tickets for me – a long Craigslist ordeal.  She loves almond butter and I thought it would be a perfect gift!  I was a little worried honestly that they were going to give me a hard time about it, but when I arrived at the airport the signs said gels and liquids so I figured I was safe.  I followed all instructions to take off shoes, use my plastic baggie with no larger then 3oz items blah blah blah.  The second my bag goes through it stops and I get pull over.  The TSA man takes out my jar and is first really perplexed as to what almond butter is.  Upon further examination, he reads “creamy” on the label and that was enough for him.  He told me “It says creamy, it isn’t allowed”, I asked him if he would let chunky through???  He did not like that at all and told me anything that is “spreadable” (please take a moment to think of some things that are spreadable that I would want to give to this man that this time)  We had a few more words and then he asked if I wanted to speak to his supervisor and I knew I was about to cross a line not worth crossing.  I then watched, powerless, as my almond butter was thrown in a trash can with the other “bomb materials”.  I almost shed a tear. 

Just to top it off…I later found a bottle of 4oz moisturizer that I had forgotten to put in my plastic baggie, tucked away in my bag.  Major zinger to me, ouch!


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