Summer Flavors

Lunch was more of the same and a little of the new.  I had a salad of tofu chips, tomatoes, cucs, almonds, feta and balsamic along with a blueberry greek yogi – normal.  I also had fresh strawberries with half a WHITE PEACH!!!  I highly recommend the white peach over the yellow variety, they just seem to taste better.  I will have to start looking for them at the farmers market. 


During my lunch break I also found a few interesting food articles and a quiz about the environment that I did really poorly on!

Food Inc.– a film about the industrialization of the food market – Pollan-ish

Beef Recall – gross

How Environmental are you? – I did really bad on this…:(

Check out my new lunch bag from L.L.Bean


For snack I had a banana doughnut with jelly…I def did not let the dough sit long enough…I am too impatient.

Back in the gym…Warm up run, bit of arms and abs before spin.  The class was actually better then it usually is on a Tuesday, score!

Nick was here for dinner again and I went for mahi-mahi on the grill and he suggested southwest flavors.  I grilled the mahi in salsa verde and garlic salt, while Nick helped with the other salad fixins 😉  Bed of baby spinach, sweet potato, zuc, white beans, yellow corn.  Dressing = plain yogurt, cilantro, cumin, and hot sauce.  I also threw a little more salsa verde on top of the fish.


I like using Mahi because it is pretty well sustained fish and its white flaky texture make it easily adapting to any flavor you want to throw on it.

For dessert I had a skinny cow mint ice cream sandwich (not pictured, it was delicious, but not really filling/hitting the spot)

Fruit would have been better with a chocolate square!

Night all!


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