Running Late

I had a late start this morning given that I forgot to reset my alarm.  20min late waking up on my own was not to shabby in my book!  It did make my rush through my morning routine, which I hate, and caused a late breakfast post. Grrrr.  I did get two lunches made, snacks and breakfast before 7 so even though I was a little more stressed then I like I was back on track.

Because the Oat Bran held me so well yesterday I wanted to use it again, but I also wanted some more WW cran-raz-pecan bread.  I sliced up two pieces to toast, and made about 1/4 serving of oat bran.  I spread the bread with about 1/2 tbs of almond butter for both slices and then topped it with the bran.  I sliced up 2 dried figs for a fruit topping.

break 5.27.09

I probably could have just had one slice and an orange because by the end of the second piece I was stuffed!  At least it was delicious!


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