Pumpkin Feelin’

Pumpkin continued into the lunch today.  I had some leftover tempeh from last night (not sure how long the stuff lasts once out of the package) so I decided to make a tempeh sandwich a la KERF special.  Sprouted grain bread, almond butter, PUMPKINbutter and tempeh right in between.  Along side was 1 cheek of mango and 1/2 and naner which I dipped into my chocolate TJs yogurt.  I still was not impressed with the tempeh taste alone but with the spreads you couldn’t really tell it was there.

Earlier I had another flat banana doughnut and planning a repeat of the homemade larabar later.  I love these!  I cannot wait to make different flavors.  There seem to be tons of new variations popping up every day!


I’ve got kickball tonight so I am trying to squeeze in a short run with level one of Jillian’s 30 day shred I found on demand.  I also have to make dinner and be out the door by 7…this cook be a mac and cheese night.

Lunch time reading material


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