Riley in the Club

Have I mentioned how much I do not like the Federal Stimulus?  Yeah it messed with my day yet again!  It did however make the day go by a little bit faster.

Snack time came around and I actually snapped it.  About 10 almonds and 4 prunes.  That little silver thing makes about a 1/4 cup, and I think for dip but I like its sleek style for my snack!


I did get my results from the BWC!  I think I did pretty good for my first race ever!

Place Div/Tot  Num   Name                  S Ag Hometown                Net T Gun T  Pace

60  14/241    428 Heather Fleming       F 25 Baltimore MD            24:34 25:00   8:03

A little more wastewater treatment plant and then it was lunch!


WW wrapper with zuc, carrot, sabra spicy humus, spinach and parm cheese allllll melty.  leftover carrot and zuc.  Some peach, pear and cherries.  I also had a plain greek yogurt that I crumbled one of my black bean brownies into it!


The rest of the afternoon was spent trying to figure out when my numbers didnt total correctly for the Loan funding sources.  I had the rest of my fruit when I got home, wasn’t feelin it earlier in the afternoon.

Nick and I went to go see another place tonight.  It was big enough, but the kitchen was really small, no AC or DW and they were questioning why we would want a 3rd person there…um we can’t afford it otherwise people!  It was also declared my day off from the gym…so an oat bar was not required.

Dinner needed to be quick!  I had some mushroom asiago sausages on the grill.  Along with polenta rounds, sauteed onions with summer squash, mushrooms and basil.  I also made a salad with peppers and tomatoes from my garden!!!! and white balsamic mustard dressing with feta.


IMG_3887Riley came to visit tonight!  He is my roommates parents dog and I was in charge of him while she went to the Red Sox Orioles game.


He watched me enjoy my skinny cow ice cream sami!


I am settling down and watching Monday’s Weeds with Nick!

Night All!


Fruit Bowl

It is D-day in Iraq.  Time to pull out!  It will be interesting how things unfold now that Americans are pulling out.  I am a little nervous about it.

Ok that is my news bit.

I woke up with no motivation for making lunch or breakfast.  After starting the coffee and getting a few caffeine fumes I had a bit more pep in my step.  I have a lot of fresh fruit in house, due to the lovely summer months, so I decided to pack a bunch into my oats.



  • 1/4 mixed oats
  • ~1/4 cup Uncle Sam
  • 1/2 mashed naner
  • handful TJs fruit and fiber medley
  • 1/2 white – better than yellow – peach
  • blueberries
  • slices cherries
  • 1tbs Naturally Nutty vanilla almond butter


It is like summer in your mouth!  A real yumer with every bite!

Nick and I are going to look at two more apts tonight and take a tour around Mt. Washington to make sure this is where we want to live.  It looks like it might rain on the 4th 😦 not so good for fireworks.  I can’t believe tomorrow is July, time flies!

Have a Tubular Tuesday!

Hip to the Chard

One day down…three to go in this week!!!

I was super busy at work today with the wastewater treatment plants phosphorus and nitrogen loads.  Don’t be jealous.

Nature’s candy for a snack!  Check out the stats vs. the good old apple.


Luncher came quickly today.


Blueberry Stoneyfield, 2 black bean brownie bites, tempeh pumpkin almond butter and banana sami.  I also had half of my fruit bowl.

I also found this Baltimore Green Blog!  I am so excited to find Greening in Baltimore.  I really want to get more involved with this project.  We are switching to 1 day a week for trash and 1 day a week for recycling instead of two trash days and every other week of recycling.  This is normal to me, being from the Northeast, but some people are flipping out.  They claim that their homes are going to smell.  I say, learn how to recycle!

Afternoon snacker was a PB&Co. with Me&Goji oat bar.  I am really enjoying making these!


I also had the rest of my fruit before Spinnnnn.

15min on the step mill, arms and abs.  45min of one of the most intense spin classes.  My face was dripping by song 3.  It as crazy, and I loved it!

I wasn’t super hungry for dinner so I did an experimental dinner with giant swiss chard leaves.  Inside the leaves was : Cabot hunters cheddar (best cheddar!), onions, mushrooms, tofu and zuc.  I also had the red pepper FROM MY GARDEN!!! I made up a dip for the chard wraps of greek yogurt, spicy brown mustard and oregano.


Cheesy bite!


After dinner I read the new Health Magazine and saw this!


I am on top of this one!  I love swiss chard.  So much flavor, like beet green.

Finishing watching the Closer with the roomie and then heading to bed…maybe before the end.

Mean Green Monday

Happy Monday!  The sun is out, the birds are chirping, and I am trying to have a positive look out on the most blah day of the week!  I wish there was something to look farward to on Monday.  Does my favorite spin class count???  I am going to have to work on that.

I started with a mean green monster and a piece of toast with, yep that’s right…Cinnamon Swirlllll from the loverly PB&Co.  I didn’t have it all weekend so I felt it it was needed.


In the mizix: large handful of spinach, about 6 cut up apricots, 2 small pieces of papaya, 1/2 naner, 1/2 scoop vanilla protein powder, 1/2 cup almond milk, 2 tbs flax.

I am really enjoying my blender bottle.  The little spring ball inside really helps keep it from clumping.

MJ is still on the Today Show.  It is a shame that his music is shadowed by all this drama.

Got to go get ready for work…

Happy 4 day week!!!!!

Snack Attack!

Clouds rolled and the roof was no longer very much fun.

I did some laundry and just relaxed, which lead to lots of snack time.  When I have no plan I tend to snack a lot and watch movies on demand because I am bored.  I honestly like having a to do list.  An oat bar, 4 (eeekkk) black bean brownie bites – these little guys are gowning on me, plain chobani with carbo chip and cherries.



IMG_3861Nick and I went and saw 3 apts in the same building.  I liked the location to Mt. Washington.  Really close to “downtown”.  The draw back were the size of the kitchens, no dishwashers, no AC, baseboard heat and coin laundry.

We did spot another apt on the same street.  It is a bit more pricey but if we get another roommate we could afford it and heat and cooking gas are included!  Everything seems cheap here compared to Boston!

I was super beat so I just grilled some turkey dogs and made an open face “hot dog” on two pieces of flax quinoa bread with ketchup and HOT DOG RELISH  (I may have added a bit too much of it this time).  I also made up a mondo salad to make up for the sweet snacking during the day – red leaf organic farmers market lettuce, carrots, cuc, summer squash, peppers with white balsamic and mustard dressing.


Nick was also kind enough to give me a sliver of his lemon bar that I got for him at Whole Foods yesterday.  I heated up some TJs Maine Blueberry syrup and topped it with MD cherries.


This was a nice sweet treat end to the day…I am super sleepy.

Watching Wall-E and hittin the hay!

Baltimore Women’s Classic 5k!

Today was the day!  Up at 5:30AM, must get to bed early tonight…

I had a light breakfast after some yoga stretches and breathing.  Two WW waffles with vanilla almond butter 1/2 naner and a cherry.  They looked like happy victory flowers 🙂


IMG_3847With a cup of chamomile honey tea.  I tried not to have coffee before running.

Bib #428, that’s me!  I had to turn it in because as a naive new runner I didn’t realize I needed the bottom portions for after the race 😦  At least I snapped a pic!IMG_3844

IMG_3851I left my camera at home…I didn’t want it to get lost, stolen or broken.  But these are some of my observations from the day:

  • 5ks bring all shapes and sizes of people
  • Pick up your packet the day before if you can
  • Get there early to pick up your chip – the line was like a mile long 15min before the race, and I am glad I didn’t have that stress.
  • Find a quiet place to stretch and gather your thoughts.
  • Check out the vendors – they are now making running dresses???? I don’t even like the ideas of the skirt…I mean you still have to wear spandex so where is the advantage???
  • BELIEVE THAT YOU ARE AS FAST AS YOU THINK YOU ARE! ~ I had trouble with this and ended up spending the whole first mile weaving around other people.

OK so my time??? I crossed at 24:57, but like I said I was far back in the pack to start so my slow first mile really set me back.  Now I had a new goal to beat next time!  After the race I had 1/2 a WW bagel and an orange slice.  I also had a full bottle of water WHICH THEY DID NOT HAVE RECYCLING FOR!!!  I am currently writing a letter to the organizer to complain and work towards recycling at next years event.  Don’t runners love nature???

When I got home, I was hungry…it had been 4 hours since bfast.  I had a second breakfast of toast with a fried egg and swiss.  Plus tons of orange fruit.  I really don’t know why I only have orange fruit sliced right now, but it made me laugh.  Oranges, papaya, peach, mango and apricot.


I hungout on the roof deck for a bit and took at cat nap/read.

Nick and I are going to look at apts this evening!!!

Have a great Sunday!

Simple Saturday

I woke up this morning not so hungry…I guess I ate too much last night 😦

I made a simple fruit and greek yogurt parfait.


Layers: Banana, peaches, yogurt, mango, papaya, greek yogurt, and apple blueberry granola.  Ew my windows really need to be cleaned.  Sorry about that!


After breakie I it was farmers market and errands time!  Check out the good!


Lettuce, swiss chard, zuc, summer squash and cherries.  And check out these items I got at the Whole Foods next door.


Artichoke Lollipop and Justin’s Natural Maple Almond Butter packets…I am going to save these for traveling.  I have only seen these in Barney Butter so I was super excited to see a new flavor and brand creating some competition.  I only had a short time to make lunch and shower before BRA time.  I used the last of the spelt bread with LC wedge avocado mashed with a little ricotta cheese.  I also added some heirloom tomatoes.  I made a small green monster (large handful spinach, 1/2 naner, 4 ice cubes, 1/2 cup skim, 1 tbs AB, 1 scoop vanilla protein powder) in my new blender shaker that I also picked up at whole foods.  I had seen similar products and I wanted something I could take to go in the AM instead of chunging down a smoothie before heading out the door.



Nick came and picked me up for some Baltimore Ruit Association.  I only played 6 games – 3 beers – and didn’t play very well…sorry Garrett!  Here is a sample of the consumption.


I got back home around 8 and needed a quick dinner.  I had lentils from last night so I made some tomato, lentil and ricotta  flax & quinoa breads with swiss chard and white balsamic vinegar.  Up on the roof deck!  Sooooo nice out tonight!



I know it kind of looks like barf, but it tasted really good!  The ricotta made it nice and creamy!

Today was my day off from running etc because…TOMORROW IS MY FIRST RACE! I felt like such a weirdo when I picked up my packet today…I had no idea what I was doing.  We got a pretty cool shirt from New Balance and some other goodies.


I am currently enjoying this little skinny cow mint fudge cone and then I am off to create a super running playlist and set out my clothes for tomorrow!!!!  Bed as early as possible!  Windows open!  I love cool summer nights…I hope it is not too hot tomorrow.


Good Night All!!!