Meeting Tucker

Same old same old at work…except I was freezing!!!  Why do they always crank up the AC in office buildings???  I had to borrow my co-workers space heater to stay warm.  It is not easy when it is 85 outside and 60 inside…what do you wear???  I am against turning on the AC at all costs because the chill seems to make me feel sick and it just feels like fake air to me.  Anyway, I am bringing my warm and cozy wool sweater tomorrow.  I was thinking about a blanket but I feel like I might fall asleep at my cube.

On to lunch!  An interesting mix and match of foods.  I really couldn’t think this morning  and to what I wanted.

IMG_3489IMG_3490Carrot sticks with salsa re-fried beans.  WW tortilla wrap with pumpkin, naner and almond butter.  I also had 1/2 of my fruit salad with peach, mango and strawberries.






Before the gym I had my last banana doughnut, these suckers lasted a long time and I only made 6! AND the rest of my fruit plus a seltzer h20.

Gymbo routine:  15min stepmill, 10 min easy lift, 10min bosu abs, 45min (good and sweaty) spin class 🙂

Nick came for dinner so meat was on the menu.  I grilled up some sun dried tomato basil sausages (and didn’t burn them this time!!) along with grilled veggie mix up of brussel sprouts, mushrooms, zuc and summer squish squash.  I also made little avocado, mozzarella, tomato basil towers with balsamic (the basil was from me jarden!)



After dinner we had to run up to Nick’s sisters house in the county to pick up a glove for me to play softball tomorrow…I am not excited about this and am praying for rain.  I will be doing my rain dance for most of tomorrow and there already looks like there is a good chance of showers, fingers crossed!  The plus to the 20min drive was I got to meet TUCKER!  A cute little puggle puppy.  I personal do not agree with puppy mill pups but this little guy was really cute and at least he is in a good home.

And and awwww picture to say bonne nuit!



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