Distubing News

Almost every day during lunch I read the US Today online.  Today was no different except this article that caught my eye and made me question the survey methods: http://www.usatoday.com/news/health/weightloss/2009-06-03-fastfood_N.htm?loc=interstitialskip


10,000 people is not enough to get an actuate account of the global take on fast food, but what really disturbed me the most was the comments that people made at the bottom about fast food only being for poor, lazy and uneducated people.  I am pretty sure I have seen all walks of life in the many varieties of fast food joints that cover our nation.

Almost made me not want to eat my lunch HA!  I was starving…might need to use Uncle Sam next time instead of rainforest granola, it seems to have more staying power.

I forgot to e-mail my lunch pics this AM so here it is in words and pictures to come…

Trader Joe’s multigrain crackers, one carrot (after peeled, see wrap) with almond ginger goat cheese.


WW wrap with avocado and salsa refried bean mash, Cabot hunter sharp cheddar, peeled carrot and soy nuts – I had this toasted so the cheese would get all melty yum!







End of my pumpkin pudding with a small spoon of nutella and a couple pieces of my fruit.








Oh and a side note:  When I am starving between meals or just really can’t stop thinking about food  I pop a couple of these.  Delicious real black licorice.  I usually eat about 3 and I think they are about 8cal each?!?!



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