First ‘Mater of the Year!

This Evening I got to go to Body Pump (one of Carrots n Cake favorites!), which I haven’t been to in a long time due to kickball.  My arms are like jello!  I did 30min on the stepmill before hand to get off the treadmill and it was much harder then I thought, a lot of concentration required!  Good day at the gym overall!  Love how that makes me feel!

I went up to the deck to check on my garden (they tend to fall over in the wind) and found that I had a ripe tomato!!!

IMG_3524I split it with Nick and it was a delicious preview of what is to come this summer!  It is cold and rainy here so I made myself some Vanilla Honey Chamomile tea to warm me up Up UP!IMG_3525

My peanut sauce included: natural pb, soy sauce, chili powder, chili pepper flakes, fresh ginger, garlic powder.

In the skillet: onion, mango, mushrooms, green beans, garlic, broccoli and med. shrimp.

I threw this over some barilla plus angel hair and served it up!


I was pretty full after dinner but I still wanted a sweet end.  I reached in the freezer and pulled out a fig ball! Yumers! Perfect size and sweetness (figs, mixed nuts chopped and processed with an unsweetened chocolate dusting)

IMG_3532Don’t let the bed bugs bite!


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