Too Many Lemon Muffins…

After running a bunch of errands to Target, Macy’s and the Mall and ended with Giant.  I went into the pet store at the mall and it was truly depressing.  All those little puppies in such small cages.  Every heard of a “Jug”?  It is a jack russel terrier and a pug mix, talk about one hyper doggie!!!  They looked just like puggles, but I guess they don’t get as big.  Oh and they aren’t cheap, $999 for a puppy!

Around 4pm I finally got around to going for a run.  Got in 5miles though! woohoo!  I am planning on signing up for my FIRST 5km tonight.  I know it is only 3.2 miles but it is a little intimidating. 

Backing up a bit…before I went on my second errands run I had about 3 more mini lemon muffins and I can still feel them in my belly…I thought maybe running would move them? NO.  I was hungry when I got back from my run, but I still had the weird muffin feeling.  I showered and watched the Belmont Stakes, only 10 horses, the numbers really dropped off.  Summer Bird, brother to Mine That Bird (KY derby winner) came out of no where for the victory.

At about 7 I thought that maybe a light dinner would move the muffins???  NO, but it tasted delicious.

A veggie wrap of mustard, peppers, tomato, avocado and spinach (from the farmers market).  I also sauteed some zuc, summer squash and mushrooms.

IMG_3564IMG_3566While making my wrap I got to the bottom of my mustard jar…I decided to make some dressing in the bottom of that jar Rachael Ray style…Mustard, EVOO and red wine vinegar.  I put a little over my sauteed veggies.

Not sure if I will go out tonight if this pit doesn’t go away.

I can’t even look at my muffins 😦 I hope tomorrow they will look as good as they taste again!  Happy Saturday night!  It finally stopped raining here!



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