Sunny Days

The pit in my stomach from the lemon muffins finally went away and I ended up going out in the county woopwoop!  Before I left I had a little dark chocolate vita-muffin top with some MD strawberries and a shot of milk for dunking!

IMG_3569I love these little chocolate bites.  After my dessert I met some people at HighTops and enjoyed a Sam Summer Ale, draft and not pictured.


Slept in until 9 this morning!  Getting older really does make you get up earlier, I always seem to wake up for the first time at 7am if I don’t have my alarm for work.

Before spin I had my last processed granola bar in the house just to get rid of it (Nature Valley vanilla yogurt bar)  and headed out the door.  It was a beautiful walk to the gym past the puppy park with all the crazy dogies chasing each other and our neighbors blooming flowers.

SUPER spin class with hard hills.  I am not sure if it were the class or the fact that I am STILL sore from body pump but my hammies were killin me!

Upon returning home I made some breakfast of flax and sunflower bread with vanilla almond butter on one slice and white chocolate cherry on the other.  I also had a bowl of plain yogurt with a ton of MD strawberries.  It was such a nice day out that I decided to eat up on the room deck with a mug of iced coffee.


MMMMmmmmmm Strawberries!  No white pith here!!!

IMG_3571I spent the next couple of hours on the roof getting some sun and reading…sigh, what a relaxing Sunday!

Nick is coming home tonight!!!! 🙂


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