Sunny Ending

Well another weekend has come to an end…:(  Nick is back yay!

My roomate and her cousin watched “He’s not that into you”  it seems to be the chick flick of the week.  I wish they would make one of the men out to be as desperate as the girls.

To accompany the movie I had some wine and goat cheese on Tjs multigrain crackers.

IMG_3572Yumers!  I loooooove goat cheese.  I had to portion it out as to not eat the whole log up!

I had some tofu I need to eat and I wanted to have some spinach and snap peas from the market.  I went with some jar curry  paste on a pouch on the grill.

To the above ingredients I added brussel sprouts, and onions and a little polenta cake.


IMG_3576OK I am going to get back to Sir Nick, but I will leave you with a loverly picture of my fruit da loop bowl.



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