Morning was busy…half the group gone again.  My cereal mix and match lasted well and I had my prune, almond, dark chocolate raisins for the AM snacker between projects, and before I knew it, LUNCH!

IMG_3582Crazy full salad of baby romaine, carrot, peppers, almond slices, feta, leftover grilled vegetables, and tomatoes.  I also had a pomegranate greek yogi and 2 mini lemon muffins.

For some reason this didn’t last very long and I dove into my snack of 1/2 and apple and a homemade nola bar.

I even managed to have 3 fig balls when I got home before the gym…

I love warm weather and being able to walk to the gym!  I only live about 6 blocks away, but it is peaceful (when little kids aren’t flying by you on their bikes) and it gets my hart pumping.

I had 10min warm up, arms, bosu abs followed by 50min of spin.  Sub, blah.  Walked home and almost got run over by a bike and then watched as the same kid almost got hit by a bus, seriously!  Where were their parents, it was like a little bike gang!

Spinach will be the theme of the week, as my bag does not have dent in it and it is delicious fresh, fresh, FRESH.

IMG_3590sauteed garlic and EVOO with and chicken broth.  Added mushrooms, zuc, one sun dried tomato basil sausage.  I added the spinach to wilt a TON of basil and parsley from the garden and a sprinkle of soy nuts for a crunch.

On the side I had a honking piece of sunflower flax bread.  I didn’t realize it yesterday with the nut butter, but the bread seems to have a sourdough flavor to it.  It was delicious and needed nothing ie. nut butter, butter or jam!

I got a card in the mail from MomaBeans with a Tjs gift card, score!  Thanks Mom, love you!

I also got this coupon for fro-yo from a place about 2 blocks away.  Still find of expensive, $2.50 for 4oz????IMG_3588IMG_3585

Weeds starts tonight! I started watching last season in the fall when I didn’t have a job along with Dexter and The View, Rachael Ray and another other day time fun I could find!

Thank God I have a job!

Yay, Monday is over!!!


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