Thunder Rolls

The green monster and bar held me over well until AM snack time!  I will have to play with it to try and get rid of that acidic after taste.  AM snack was the usual almonds, prunes and chocolate covered raisins ( one of these days I will remember to take a picture of this)

On the day went…kind of a busy morning searching through fund sources, but onto the food!


IMG_3597A WW wrap with pumpkin, AB, strawberry jelly and wheatberries along with a blueberry greek yogurt, smallest string cheese ever (I now know how they can claim to only have 5o cal each!) and two lemon muffins.

I went to the Chobani websiteto see what the company was all about.  Given that blueberries came before sugar and there were only 8 ingredients (5 being probiotics) I was intrigued.  I found that they have coupons!  I tried download these coupons and whoops, I got a call from IT saying I had some sort of invasion in my computer and I had to shut down.  Needless to say I did NOT get my coupon 😦

I had a meeting at 1pm that was catered with the craziest desserts I had ever seen.  Cupcakes the size of softballs with mounds of fronting on top, the largest slices of cake that I had ever seen.   I had about a 1/4 slice of red velvet cake (I can never pass on red velvet, it is my favorite) and some black and blueberries. I had forgotten my camera upstairs and when I went to take a pic of the leftovers post meeting the cows around the feed tough deterred me.  Here is where they got the goods from Jay’s.

The rest of the afternoon went smoothly until a HUGE CRAZY THUNDERSTORM CAME ALONG! I could see it as I drove home and rushed to my roof deck to take these pictures:

IMG_3598IMG_3600IMG_3603It was def up with the top three coolest thunderstorms I have ever witnessed besides watching them rolling on off the ocean in Maine and sitting on my front hill as a kid.

Well after the rain let up a bit I took a walk to the gym umbrella down (there was still some lightening in the area).  I missed my warm up because of the weather but got in some abs and a 50min spin sesh.  Good enough for me!

Nick was coming for dinner and I had already told him it was pizza night! YUM.

I grilled up some chicken on the George.  While that cooked I got out my pre-made WW pizza thin crust, tjs organic vodka sauce (amazing stuff), shredded mozzarella, kalamata olives, spinach and I mixed in some oregano and parsley from the garden into the sauce.

All ready for the oven!

IMG_3606As this cooked I assembled our salads of baby romaine, carrots, snap peas, peppers and bottom of the jar mustard, red wine vinegar dressing.  Tick, tick, tick Done!  10min in the over and pow!

IMG_3607IMG_3608This was delicious AND there is leftover pizza for lunch!  We will be fighting over it tomorrow.

Nighty night!:)


One Comment on “Thunder Rolls”

  1. Mom says:

    Hey Lilybeans…those are pretty amazing thunder clouds…no wonder the plane I was on was so bumpy for so long…but we made it safely to airport…did not help my nerves that it was an Airbus! and the next morning the news show had a simulation of the Air France Airbus going through thunder clouds before disappearing. Deep breath…

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