Pump It!

I feel like I have been at the same thing at work for the longest time…

Lunch is my break and it was a little late today but delicious!  Left over tomato soup, strawberry chobani, 1/2 pear 1/2 apple, and a large piece of sunflower flax bread for dunking, duh!


I haven’t had soup at work in awhile and it is great because it last a long time and is full of flavor.  I tend to shovel my lunch in, but hot soup stops that!


My PM snack was a little later due to the late lunch.  I had a banana PB oatmeal bar and the rest of my apple and pear.  Oh and my daily seltzer h20za!


Check out all of my budget papers in the background!

Work day done!

Gym events:  30min ArcTrainer and 60min Body Pump class!  I went up in my weights today and I am sure I will feel it in the morning, but I love how solid it makes my body feel.

I had some tofu in the fridge that really need to cook up so I made a mess pan over a half a sweet potato.  In the pan: onion, brussel sprouts, zuc, spinach, mushrooms and tofu cubes.  I also added juice of 1/2 a lemon and some original mrs. dash.

IMG_3626I also had a side salad of red oak leaf lettuce, carrots, peppers, snap peas with mustard vinaigrette.

IMG_3627This was a lot of food but I will still craving something sweet so I made the smallest bit of Greek yogi with vanilla almond butter.IMG_3628  It was still not enough so I had two finger dips in the Nutella and that was enough.  If i hadn’t had  this maybe 100cal dessert I would have gone to bed craving  and I don’t like denying myself simple pleasures.

Soooo sleepy, night night!


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