Kristin and Jerry are gettin Married!

It was a bit of a rough morning…8:30 came way too early, but we had things to do and people to see!  After the weekly drive to Fed Hill to pick up the cars I wanted a mondo breakfast and Amy went to have brunch with an old friend.  Breakfast theme was to be maryland strawberries.  Oats and yogi!IMG_3661  Half cup of oats and oat bran mix. 1/2 naner mixed in, tbs almond butter, strawberry slices and 1 tbs of flax.  I also had plain Greek yogurt with the rest of my chopped up strawberries.

IMG_3662After a little Reader reading it was time to head out to the county for Kristin and Jerry’s engagement party!!!!!

The weather was perfect and there was a dunk tank! Kristin’s dad even go in, but she was not having it.  There was a huge food spread with tons of goodies including a bunch of Filipino cuisine that I had never had.  Jerry’s family is from the Philippines and I was especially excited to try their desserts.

It was great to see people from college that I haven’t seen in 2 years!  For some reason I have no pictures of people from the day, whoops!  I do have some pictures of the food…IMG_3663Plate one included some sun chips, TRI-berries, cantaloupe, 3 bean salad (I love this salad – I am going to look into making this with reduced sugar), Filipino rice noodles and orange and yellow peppers.  The noodles were really interesting almost the same flavor as fried rice but a different consistency.

Second plate and napkin were desserts!

I had your typical moist delicious brownie and a cake like chocolate chip cookie.IMG_3665IMG_3666

My plate of desserts included two Filipino dishes.  The pure purple one was like rice pudding.  I believe it was purple dyed white rice with some sort of gelatin or corn syrup.  I wasn’t a big fan of this one.  The other one was also like a gel, but no rice was involved.  It tasted a little like almond paste so I was hooked.  I had the whole small piece.

After all this food I wasn’t hungry for a huge dinner but I knew I needed something.  I went with a salad.

Red oak leaf lettuce, blueberries, strawberries, goat cheese and a grilled pear.  This was topped with simple balsamic and EVOO.  I also had a flat bread with sabra spicy humus.

IMG_3668After dinner I read the new Real Simple, which I must say is one of the best issues I have read.  There are seriously 20 recipes that they suggest for easy summer meals and I want to try ALL of them.

ENVIRONMENTAL BIT:  Do you clean your own car or do you take it to the car wash?  I found this very interesting: “When you scrub your sedan at home the dirty water, tinged with traces of motor oil, antifreeze and gasoline that run down the driveway and into the storm drains, which empty into local rivers and creeks.  This runoff can coat the gills of fish and suffocate them.  On the other hand, the runoff produced by an automatic car wash is subject to wastewater laws.  That means either it goes to the local sewage-treatment plant, where it is filtered and cleaned or it is recycled on-site by the business”  Something to think about next time you wash your car!  I have also seen new places that are sporting a “green car wash” sign.

Night All!

End note with this engagement cake!



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