Tale of the Forgotten Lunch…

So I didn’t really forget my lunch today, just my camera to photograph it.  Whoops!  Anywhojust picture this…A mix of field greens with carrots, tomatoes, wheat berries and goat cheese.  A juicy delicious pear and some mango.  All along side a strawberry chobani greek yogurt.

Chobani coupons can be found at www.chobani.com  Also there are tons of coupons at Stoneyfield


Crazy things are happening at work!  Lets just say we are moving to the 5th floor and our organizational chart is being re-organized!  No work was done this afternoon due to this announcement.  48 people will be moving by July 1st…we will see how that goes!

So because I have no lunch pictures and work is on my mind I thought I would put my two scents in on the stimulus around the country.  I heard on the news today that people are angry because projects that need to be completed for mass safety are not being funded due to their readiness to proceed.  Smaller, less intense projects have less red tape and therefore are able to meet the stimulus set deadlines.  Apparently they are building bridges to no where…honestly the deadlines and regulations are very hard for some applicants to meet, especially the non-point source projects, so yes we have had to go to lesser projects!  Not our fault, blame the upper management aka the Prez, sorry Obama!

So I switched my snack up today and treated myself to a chocolate almond fudge cliff bar.  I thought this was going to be fantastic, but it wasn’t that great and I think I would have preferred a homemade oat bar.  Maybe one of the other flavors I pick up will be better.

So Nick was comin for dinna!  Pork chops and grilled veggies with salad!


I marinated the pork in ginger, mustard powder, basil and soy sauce.  The veggies were grilled as is!  Side salad had mix greens, tomato, feta, and sugar snap peas from the farmers market.



After dinner I cut up some juicy loupe for Nick and I.  I had two slices!


Wow it got late fast! Real Housewives of NJ and bed!



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