Eggplant Moutain!

Buget is almost done, well sort of!  We are having a meeting on Monday with our new group, which we already work with closely, but it is kind of sad:(  The morning was basically about getting ready for this meeting.

Mr. Ray from water and sewer, the sweetest man in the world brought our group about 24 cookies and placed them in my cube!!!

IMG_3708I had an “oatmeal” raisin one for my morning snack.  Oatmeal in quotes because of the lack there of.  It was of course good and butter filled, but it does amaze me how when I eat things like this again how I can taste the difference.  I will NEVER be one to turn down a cookie or cake, but it does make it easier to control myself.


It is cold and rainy here so I opted for some soup this afternoon.  Progresso Light veggie barley- I know not the healthiest whole food choice, but I had it.  I added some wheat berries and spinach for a little more pump.  Blueberry greek yogi, 1/2 peach, 1/2 kiwi.


I always enjoy a good soup on a rainy day!  Like many on the east coast rain seems to be on the menu um forever!  Apparently there was a report out today that there have only been 28 days of “clear” weather according to the airport since Jan 1st.

The orange in the left corner was saved for snack time with the return of the banana PB oat bar!  Soooooo much better then Clif, sorry bout it!  No sticky mess here!  I am using Peanut Butter & Co. Cinnamon Swirl in my next watch and I am sooooo excited!

IMG_3712After work I went to the gym for 30min ArcTrainer and BodyPump.  I think I will be ready to step up my weights next week! Exciting!

Dinner needed to be easy because I didn’t want to make anything.  I focused on my leftover mushroom stuffing.

Grilled the rest of the eggplant, cut out the centers of three rings and mixed it in with the stuffin.  The other two slices I made into eggplant samies with kalamata olive humus.


The eggplant rings were stacked and filled until overflowage.  Salad had lettuce, spinach, tomatoes and farmers market snap peas.


Whoa that was a lot of food, and tons of delicious filling veggies. Catching up on Weeds and sleeping!


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