I should b punished…I forgot my camera again, and on field trip day! Shame on me.  Not like the pictures were going to be of anything you really want to see.  We went to the Back River Wastewater Treatment Plant.

These “poop domes” are icons in Baltimore as landmarks of Dundalk.  The are acutally 3 million gallon digestors to produce methane that the plant uses/sells to generate electricity.  The place honestly didn’t smell as bad as I thought, but the sights at the screens aka the first stop was gross to say the least.  In there I saw EVERYTHING and I mean everything you flush down a toilet or any other drain.

So I still didn’t have my camera at lunch but here is the run down: wrap with sabra spicy, spinach, lacey swiss.  Chobani plain with 1/2 crumbled snicker doodle cookie 😉 (I ate the other half as is), 1/2 apple, 1/2 nectarine.  I also had a few tjs whole wheat crackers with a LC cheese wedge.

P.M. Snack was this (repeat pic) and the rest of my fruit.


It took some serious effort to go to the gym today.  The weather was nice aka not raining and it is Friday!  I finally got my butt there and did a repeat of wed.  30min @6mph for hills on the mill and 30min of cardio on the stepmill.  Bosu core.


I had the Bison in the fridge and had time to make up some burgers this evening for Nick and I!  I didn’t want to add too much flavor to them because I wanted to see what this stuff really tasted like so I did a little sweet onion, S&P and a dash of steak spice mix.  Formed and grillized!

IMG_3721Nick came out back to hangout and we sipped on the following…

IMG_3719I love this wine and have had it before but I was not a fan of the beer plus lemonade Nick had.  Give me a slice of lemon for some beers but don’t add it before hand, thank you!

Loverly day lilies in the back yard!


I also had these beauties to add to the salads!


In addition to the burgers I sliced up 1/2 a sweet potato for fries and decent sized salads.  I had swiss on  my burger plus the most amazing relish and ketchup+hot sauce for fry dipping.


Ok so this relish might not be the healthiest but it is so spicy and delicious! (it is mustard and relish mixed btw)  It reminds me of BBQsat home 🙂  The burger was not gamey like I had been warned.  It was delicious!  Nick said it smelled funny, but tasted good.  I may have to move up to a steak next time!

I also noticed a neighbor doing kettle balls in between grilling!  Talk about multi-tasking.  You see some amazing things from the roof decks in the city.


After dinner Nick and I went to get some gelato in the square.  I got the baci (kiss) flavor and this is all that was left by the time I reached my camera.IMG_3726Rich and chocolaty with GIANT hazelnut pieces!

Alight then, yummers!  Off to watch Gran Torino after the Oriole pull off the win with my love!

Night all! yay weekend!


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