Happy Father’s Day!

Wooohooo good weekend!!! Lets start with Saturday!


Up early for a light run.  My hammies were burning after about 1/2 mile so it was not the best 3 miles I have ever run but it was enjoyable in a light rain! 

I needed to use up some spinach and I was hungry!

IMG_3728I can’t really call this a green monster but it did have spinach in it! with frozen berry mix, 1/2 cup milk, 1/2 scoop vanilla protein powder.

After drinking up, I headed out to the farmers market to find some soaking wet farmers!  I picked up some red oak lettuce, spinach, cherries, apples and cucumbers.  From there I was off to TJs and Giant to do the rest of my weekend shopping route.

Giant was sampling angel food cake and blueberries!  And I stopped before TJs for a cafe americano.



By the time I finally got home I only had a little time to make lunch, shower and get ready for another Sat. afternoon of Baltimore Ruit Association Action.  Candid!  (And yes this kid likes to walk around with no shirt on)


I mixed up a cup of granola, 1/4 cup plain greek yogurt, kiwi and blueberries.  I also had a cinnamon raisin swirl with banana sandwich, heated and grilled, the best way.


I didn’t play so well in my first few games, but I picked up once I got a new shot in the rotation.  Everyone else wanted pizza, but I wanted the same wrap from last weekend!  I am feel a ritual starting.  This time I got it to go, and we met up with one of Nick’s friends for a birthday drink.


humus and veggie wrap. 

Nick’s friend Peter and his buddies had already ordered a bunch of seafood.  mussels, clams, 2 plates of shrimp and wings.  whoa!  Birthday shots were also on the menu and I wanted Patron (not a smart idea when 5 shots equals $50!!!!).


These shots put me over the edge, and yet I continued to play when we got back to the house.  Whoops.  I had to go home.  And thus ends Saturday!

Sunday – Father’s Day!

My dad lives in CT so I didn’t get to see him.  Instead I planned to go with Nick to his dad’s a make them dinner.

I am getting ahead of myself though.  Nick was a love and got up super early with me to take the trip to Bethesda to go see Food INC., which was amazing and Nick even said it was really good.  It was depressing to know how our nation is treating it’s people and how we as consumes are sheltered from the realities of the food industry.  We really do, vote with our forks!  Every item you scan at the grocery store is a vote!  I am HUNGRY FOR CHANGE!

Ok so even before the movie I had some breakfast of 2 pieces of splet flour bread with almond butter, cherries and apricots.


On the trip back to B-more I tried one of the gnu flavor and fiber bars.  Chocolate brownie.  It was pretty good, not the best bar.  I liked the little pops of millet.


This lasted me through Whole Foods shopping.  We got flank steak, okra, eggplant guacamole and the boys got baked potatoes.



After dinner, Nick and I drove around looking for apts and found that all the ones we liked we too expensive 😦  We will find one, one day!  We came back discouraged but I had made some cheer you up fruit salad! No picture sorry! But it had peaches, mango, apple, blueberries, cherries and mint (from Nicks garden)

Ok super sleepy…Dark Knight and sleepppp!

Night all!

Happy Father’s Day!


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