Cereal Party Bowl

I buy cereals fast then I can eat them.  I forget about the special ones and tend to stick to oat bran or oatmeal.  Today they all came out for a party and over took the basics!


Left to right: Back to Nature, apple and blueberry granola, TJs fruit and fiber medley, Nature’s path flax plus pumpkin granola and optimum slim, and Uncle Sam.  I did about 2tbs of each into a bowl topped with 1/2 a naner, 1/2 tbs flax and 1 tbs white chocolate cherry almond butter.


Can you believe the heat around the country?!?!  We are still at normal temps here but it is supposed to get up to 90 this weekend on the day of my race, ugh!

APT update!  Nick and I heard back from the apt we like!  We are going to see it sometime next week and I might drive by it on a scouting mission this weekend 🙂

Happy half-way-to-the-weekend-day!


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