Beautiful Fishies

Look what I found today!  Baltimore Greenweb pages !!!! Exciting!  I will definitely be following this page on the read to find out new greeeeeening pprogress in this brown city.  Seriously, they are protesting have once a week trash pick up and double recycling…I don’t remember ever having 2 trash pick ups back north.  Progress is slow in the south I guess.

Onto the food!

Lunch was special because it was Friday.


A pumpkin, almond butter, tempeh and banana sami on an Arnold sandwich thin.  Chocolate TJs yogurt, mango and peach.  Tjs multigrain crackers and a wedge of laughing cow cheese – I love bringing my little butter knife to work!

I had one of my new PB&Co oat bars with the rest of my fruit for a snack…unfortunately I could not taste the PB this time.  I think it was the Me&Goji.

Friday night relaxation dinners with NICK!

His and Her drinkies out at the grill


Lemon Mahi-Mahi, wild caught, with black beans, lentils and salad.IMG_3817

IMG_3818Nothing like dinner by sunset


I tried my had at these black bean brownies sprinkled all over the internet, but I won’t post the recipe just the pics…they look good right?  Not so much…I can’t throw them out though…most went into the freezer and the brownie bites are sitting on the counter waiting for some love.  Honestly I just couldn’t use a whole stick of butter in any cooking anymore…I used 1/2 the butter and applesauce/flax for the rest.  I don’t think this is the only place I went wrong…but it is a start.


So because these stunk…and they were for tomorrow anyway, I made Nick another special pear dessert.

1/2 pear, 1 meringue, 4 current and hazelnut black and gold squares melted with unsweetened cocoa powder and skim, chopped unsweetened cherries.


This was good and Nick enjoyed (main goal) but if I ever make it again I think I will chop the pear and crumble the meringue.

Alright Nick and I are off to watch 7 lbs.  Lots of errands tomorrow including picking up my race packet and a HRM thanks to Megan and Kath!

Good night all! Have a swingin Friday Night!


One Comment on “Beautiful Fishies”

  1. Mom says:

    Lilybeans…beautiful sunset and the mahi mahi looks great…I have a new love for dessert…Ciao that is not new…but the flavor is..Dark Chocolate Jalepeno…awesome…especially with fresh blueberries. Try it sometime! Love, Mom

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