Baltimore Women’s Classic 5k!

Today was the day!  Up at 5:30AM, must get to bed early tonight…

I had a light breakfast after some yoga stretches and breathing.  Two WW waffles with vanilla almond butter 1/2 naner and a cherry.  They looked like happy victory flowers 🙂


IMG_3847With a cup of chamomile honey tea.  I tried not to have coffee before running.

Bib #428, that’s me!  I had to turn it in because as a naive new runner I didn’t realize I needed the bottom portions for after the race 😦  At least I snapped a pic!IMG_3844

IMG_3851I left my camera at home…I didn’t want it to get lost, stolen or broken.  But these are some of my observations from the day:

  • 5ks bring all shapes and sizes of people
  • Pick up your packet the day before if you can
  • Get there early to pick up your chip – the line was like a mile long 15min before the race, and I am glad I didn’t have that stress.
  • Find a quiet place to stretch and gather your thoughts.
  • Check out the vendors – they are now making running dresses???? I don’t even like the ideas of the skirt…I mean you still have to wear spandex so where is the advantage???
  • BELIEVE THAT YOU ARE AS FAST AS YOU THINK YOU ARE! ~ I had trouble with this and ended up spending the whole first mile weaving around other people.

OK so my time??? I crossed at 24:57, but like I said I was far back in the pack to start so my slow first mile really set me back.  Now I had a new goal to beat next time!  After the race I had 1/2 a WW bagel and an orange slice.  I also had a full bottle of water WHICH THEY DID NOT HAVE RECYCLING FOR!!!  I am currently writing a letter to the organizer to complain and work towards recycling at next years event.  Don’t runners love nature???

When I got home, I was hungry…it had been 4 hours since bfast.  I had a second breakfast of toast with a fried egg and swiss.  Plus tons of orange fruit.  I really don’t know why I only have orange fruit sliced right now, but it made me laugh.  Oranges, papaya, peach, mango and apricot.


I hungout on the roof deck for a bit and took at cat nap/read.

Nick and I are going to look at apts this evening!!!

Have a great Sunday!


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