Hip to the Chard

One day down…three to go in this week!!!

I was super busy at work today with the wastewater treatment plants phosphorus and nitrogen loads.  Don’t be jealous.

Nature’s candy for a snack!  Check out the stats vs. the good old apple.


Luncher came quickly today.


Blueberry Stoneyfield, 2 black bean brownie bites, tempeh pumpkin almond butter and banana sami.  I also had half of my fruit bowl.

I also found this Baltimore Green Blog!  http://weblogs.baltimoresun.com/features/green/  I am so excited to find Greening in Baltimore.  I really want to get more involved with this project.  We are switching to 1 day a week for trash and 1 day a week for recycling instead of two trash days and every other week of recycling.  This is normal to me, being from the Northeast, but some people are flipping out.  They claim that their homes are going to smell.  I say, learn how to recycle!

Afternoon snacker was a PB&Co. with Me&Goji oat bar.  I am really enjoying making these!


I also had the rest of my fruit before Spinnnnn.

15min on the step mill, arms and abs.  45min of one of the most intense spin classes.  My face was dripping by song 3.  It as crazy, and I loved it!

I wasn’t super hungry for dinner so I did an experimental dinner with giant swiss chard leaves.  Inside the leaves was : Cabot hunters cheddar (best cheddar!), onions, mushrooms, tofu and zuc.  I also had the red pepper FROM MY GARDEN!!! I made up a dip for the chard wraps of greek yogurt, spicy brown mustard and oregano.


Cheesy bite!


After dinner I read the new Health Magazine and saw this!


I am on top of this one!  I love swiss chard.  So much flavor, like beet green.

Finishing watching the Closer with the roomie and then heading to bed…maybe before the end.


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