Riley in the Club

Have I mentioned how much I do not like the Federal Stimulus?  Yeah it messed with my day yet again!  It did however make the day go by a little bit faster.

Snack time came around and I actually snapped it.  About 10 almonds and 4 prunes.  That little silver thing makes about a 1/4 cup, and I think for dip but I like its sleek style for my snack!


I did get my results from the BWC!  I think I did pretty good for my first race ever!

Place Div/Tot  Num   Name                  S Ag Hometown                Net T Gun T  Pace

60  14/241    428 Heather Fleming       F 25 Baltimore MD            24:34 25:00   8:03

A little more wastewater treatment plant and then it was lunch!


WW wrapper with zuc, carrot, sabra spicy humus, spinach and parm cheese allllll melty.  leftover carrot and zuc.  Some peach, pear and cherries.  I also had a plain greek yogurt that I crumbled one of my black bean brownies into it!


The rest of the afternoon was spent trying to figure out when my numbers didnt total correctly for the Loan funding sources.  I had the rest of my fruit when I got home, wasn’t feelin it earlier in the afternoon.

Nick and I went to go see another place tonight.  It was big enough, but the kitchen was really small, no AC or DW and they were questioning why we would want a 3rd person there…um we can’t afford it otherwise people!  It was also declared my day off from the gym…so an oat bar was not required.

Dinner needed to be quick!  I had some mushroom asiago sausages on the grill.  Along with polenta rounds, sauteed onions with summer squash, mushrooms and basil.  I also made a salad with peppers and tomatoes from my garden!!!! and white balsamic mustard dressing with feta.


IMG_3887Riley came to visit tonight!  He is my roommates parents dog and I was in charge of him while she went to the Red Sox Orioles game.


He watched me enjoy my skinny cow ice cream sami!


I am settling down and watching Monday’s Weeds with Nick!

Night All!


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