Tubular Dude!

OK Today, Friday!

I slept in til 8:30 and then went to the gym for a light workout.  45min on the elliptical intervals(I don’t think I could ever get a serious workout on oe of these machines) bosu abs.  It was good to get the lactic acid moving out of legs from the Pump.

I had to bring Nick over to get his car before I could eat and by the time I returned I was starving!

I really felt like some french toast now that I had the time to make it!  I used the organic flax and quinoa bread and dunked that into egg, skim, vanilla, flax meal and cinnamon.  I topped it with PB&Co Cinnamon Raisin Swirl and the last of the MD cherries.  I also had an apple and cinnamon on the side.  Ha, lots of cinnamon!!


IMG_3934It was soooo delicious!  I love PB on french toast.  I need to make this more often!  It fueled me all the way through tubing!

2.5 hours of tubing down the Gun Powder with friends and some beers equaled a lovely afternoon!


Tubes and coolers waiting in my car for deployment!

We actually drove by the place that I got the Bison from the other day at the farmers market, but we didn’t have time to stop and pick some up 😦  There was even a farm stand! Gah!  I hate missing out on fresh produce!

Around 5 I needed a snack! (I hate my french toast at 11).  I dug into this Luna bar to hold me over.


It was good but I am still searching for a bar that wows me.  Maybe I am just too picky.

Alright off to make some chicken curry, maybe on the grill if I can get it there!


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