Funky Monkey

I am so blah this morning.  I can’t even remember what I packed for lunch and that was 15min ago.  Guff.  Maybe it is this weather.  The humidity is back in Baltimore and it just seems to make life seem heavier.  In this funk I didn’t want to make another bowl of oats.  I ended up with a WW waffle spread with Naturally Nutty white chocolate cherry almond butter topped with some apple slices.  I had the rest of the apple on the side with some cinnamon.  Lastly I made a small pitcher of TJs fruit and fiber medley.  I also maybe have snacked on some loupe while packing it up for lunch.  I remembered one thing in there!

IMG_4141IMG_4142IMG_4144OK time to get out of this funky monkey!  Tomorrow is Friday and then the weekend!!!!!  Think positive!

How do you get yourself out of funks???


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