Sunny Days

Wow what a nice day!!!  Sun was shining, 80, no humidity and a slight breeze.  Perfect day to be outside.  I however do not have many pictures of food because I had crackers and granola for most of the day, which I really didn’t feel needed their own photo.

First stop of the day was Kristin’s suprise wedding shower!

IMG_4165I don’t think she was actually suprised, she is cleaver like that 🙂  Here is one of the started spreads that I could not enjoy.  Tons of goat cheese…so upsetting!

IMG_4164Randolph-Macon ladies!

IMG_4166The one thing I could not help eating was this piece of cinnamon struddle…It was delicious and my tummy handled it! woohoo…real food starting tomorrow, but slowly.


After the shower we hit up artscape and “saw” CAKE there were so many people we could hardley see or hear them.  Oh well there were lots of local artists and tons of people watching, but I was so beat due to lack of food it was hard.  I came home and am crashing watchin a movie.  Sorry my post is so boring.  I am excited to starting eating real food again!


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