Tummy Bug

Tummy Bug = boring white foods. blah!

I have a bit of a tummy issue so my foods have been tanish of the sort.  Lunch had a little color to it…

IMG_4159PB&J on Aronld Sandwich Thin.  White nectarine and miltigrain crackers with an LC wedge and golden beets.

IMG_4160This was good but my tummy did not like it!  I got through the rest of the work day and headed straight for my bed.  I had a light workout on the schedule but instead I watched The X-Files Movie, Horton Hears a Who, and High School Musical 3.  Please don’t judge me I am sick!  HSM3 was my least fav of the 3, just incase anyone watches them.  For dinner I had some more crackers and some plain pasta.  Not pictured- who wants to see plain pasta??

This morning I still was not feeling super but wanted to move a little bit.  I decided to walk to the farmers market.  It is an easy walk along the water,  about 6 miles round trip.  After putting down a pita and a glass of iced tea I headed out the door.

IMG_4162I left my no farms no food seed with one of the farmers…

IMG_4161And came home with these!

IMG_4163Huge bag of spinach, sunflower flax bread, red leaf lettuce, peaches, nectarines, baby eggplants, squashes, cucumbers, blueberries.  Too bad I can’t eat any of this!  I did actually have a piece of the bread and some PB…we will see how that goes.  I have to get in the shower and getting ready for a wedding shower and then artscape if I can deal with it.  I hate being sick!

Cheers to breads!


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