Arnold What?

Got a loverly night of sleep last night, but I still wasn’t feeling 100%.  I decided to chance it and try spinning.  I haven’t been to my Sunday class in awhile and I really missed Jamie’s class.  It always makes such a difference to me when you know the teacher took the time to put together a great workout.  Before heading out I had a piece of sunflower flax bread…not picture.  I think it is because I was so sick of bread at this point.

After 45min of a good sweat I headed to Safeway for some other shopping needs.  I really dislike the Safeway near me but it is so close.  Damn the supermarket monopoly in Baltimore!

When I got home I really wanted to have some of the fruit i had been missing out on!  I had a bowl of PB Puffins and lots of grapes and blueberries.

IMG_4168I enjoyed some time on the roof deck and then was off to get my hair did.  I was seriously contemplating not getting highlights to save some $$, but when your natural hair color has the word “ASH” in it and having very pale skin I just couldn’t do it.  Maybe next time?

I snacked on a ton more grapes throughout the day and did the good old Sunday cleaning and laundry, exciting I know!

The best part about today is that Nick is back!!! YAY!  I made my first real meal since Friday lunch and it was glorious to have food again!  I had been snacking on grapes all day so I opted for some chicken thighs and a large salad.

IMG_4169I grilled these in lemon pepper seasoning, parsley and EVOO.  The salad had organic lettuce for the farmers market, cucs from the FM, tomatoes from my garden and purple pepper from the FM.  The dressing was spicy brown mustard, red wine vinegar and a little EVOO.  I love this dressing combo and so easy to make!  Try it!

After dinner Nick and I took a walk down by the water and more importantly, to get some gelato 😉

I opted for itialian cookies and cream and amaretto.

IMG_4172And now to a concern that has fallen upon me.  I was in the grocery store today and found the Arnold Sandwich thins.  The looked smaller to me, but I thought it was just me.  Take a look at this!  Oh and they are claiming the same weight and nutrition facts!

IMG_4170Left is the old, right is the new.  Look at the overlap!

IMG_4171I am very disappointed in Arnold for doing this and I hope that my next bag does not have this same size issue!

Going to finish the future of food with NICK!


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