Changing it Up a Bit

****First off Naturally Nutty is nominated for best nut butter!  Go to VegNews to vote for them!  In appreciation they are having a sale on their Nautral Peanut Butter Until August 31st (code NPB at checkout!)****

Back to good old Monday…

As hum-drum as my morning was my sandwich more then made up for it!  It was so delicious, I am just hoping that my stomach can handle it.


In between two huge slices of sunflower flax bread from the FM was:

  • Sabra pinenut hummus
  • FM organic lettuce
  • light baby swiss
  • black beans and lentils
  • roasted red and yellow peppers (which were what MADE the sandwich)


    Thick and flavorful – CT deli market worthy!

    Check out the sunflower seedage.

    Along with my amazing sandwich I had the bottom of the tub greek yogurt with some granola and blueberries. – I really enjoy this combo.


    All washed down with some h20.

    My afternoon went by fast thanks to a 30min meeting turning into a 2.5 hour meeting.  I had just enough time to get back to my desk, slam down a white delicious peach, and head out the door to SPIN!

    • 10min ArcTrac
    • 15min arms
    • 15min core
    • 50min awesome spin

    One of my friends from college just moved back to Baltimore and she attended the class tonight.  She agreed, “it was awesome!”

    Nick wanted to change up the routine a bit so we went out for a beer before dinner.  We went to Fins because they have $2 Yuengling on Monday nights.  We each enjoyed a pint and Nick got some crab dip.  I nibbled on some of his carrots and a few dips of crab.

    IMG_4183IMG_4179When we got home I wanted some real food and really wanted pasta.  When was the last time I had pasta???  I couldn’t remember.  So I sauteed some garlic and onion in EVOO added one of my baby zuc and baby eggplant, red chili pepper flakes and some parm in a bowl of warm rotini.

    IMG_4184IMG_4186I also had a glass of this amazing lipton red tea with strawberry and pomegranate.  A great change from the basic  flavor.

    Going to watch last nights Entourage and then setting up my IRA!!!!

    Night Night all!!!


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