Pizza and Soup!

My flax to the max toast kept me full for hours, as it should have!

Slow moving morning definitely turned into a “where did the day go?” afternoon.

I had a meeting at 1pm so I made sure to head to the break room when the lunch bell rang at 12.  I enjoyed an over stuffed wrap with FM lettuce, spinach, carrot, black beans & lentil mix, LC wedge and cucumbers.  I had to keep it in the foil Chipotle style just to keep it from falling apart!


I also had some plain (non Greek, another reason I don’t like Safeway) organic Horizon yogurt with sliced white peach.  I am still sticking to my not buying servings of yogurt to save some $$ and honestly how can you beat homemade peach yogurt???  I just mashed a few of the slices to get the peach color and flavor throughout.  I ate the other half of the peach as is and a bit of my apple.

Big News!  We entered our first stimulus grant into the system today!!! One down, 97 to go.  It only took 3 hours…it should start to move much smoother in the future, I hope.  Here’s to getting out of the recession!

After my meeting ended at 4pm I wasn’t really that hungry but knew I needed to eat or I would be starving at the gym.  I had a PB&Co Cinnamon Swirl Oat bar and a lime seltzer. – Side note, Nick has really started to like these 🙂 )


Ugh the stepmill was short firing during my warm up climb, so frustrating!  I ended up just getting off after re-setting it about 10 times.  I also did Tuesday rpm spinnnnn.  Not as hard as Monday, but still makes me sweat.  I also did arms and core and usual.

After seeing Caitlin’s flat out pizza today I really, really wanted one!  I decided on white pizza.  I used to love this garlicky goodness in college and I wanted to make a healthier version!

For the white sauce – 1/2 cup part-skim ricotta, sprinkle parm, clove of pressed garlic, parsley, basil, S&P, very small amount of EVOO.

IMG_4192Ready for toppings!  Baby eggplant, purple peppers, onions and basil

IMG_4193I set the timer for 15min to cook this and got together somethings to make a soup out of the still remaining black beans and lentils.

IMG_4196In de pot!

  • Onion and garlic sauteed in EVOO S&P
  • 1 can of no salt added dieced tomatoes
  • 2 pouches of tjs low sodium chicken broth
  • 1 cup h20
  • 1 baby eggplant
  • mix of black beans and lentils
  • 2 cups spinach
  • thyme
  • oregano

Yummy lunch for tomorrow!

Ding!  Back to the pizza!

IMG_4194My purple pizza because a brown pizza, but it was delicious!  Along with a simple salad with garden tomatoes and balsamic.

IMG_4195This was super delicious and I will have to make another type some other time.

And for dessert!  Double chocolate hazelnut vitamuffin top!

IMG_4198I really wish these little guys weren’t so expensive because they are soooooo gosh darn good!

Off to watch this weeks WEEDS of the DVR.  How crazy has this season been

Night Night!


One Comment on “Pizza and Soup!”

  1. Lesie says:

    Yumm I am craving some eggplant after seeing this. I’m adding it to my grocery list as we speak.

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