A Tale of 3 Runners 13.1

Camera was forgotten today 😦  and lunch was so delicious!  I had a flat out wrap with sabra pinenut hummus, spinach, leftover asian veggies from last night, one large bunny carrot, kashi sesame honey crackers and a black bean brownie!  Yes those guys are still kicking around in the freezer.

BIGGER NEWS THEN THE FOOD TODAY IS THAT, IN 3 CITIES 3 LADIES WILL BE TRAINING FOR 1/2 MARATHONS TOGETHER.  My friend Katherine (and lovely LIZ) will be training in Boston for the Plymouth 1/2 and Jen will be training in DC for the Baltimore 1/2.  I will be training in Baltimore for the Baltimore 1/2.

IMG_2981This is Jen climbing into the tailgate at homecoming, most likely for some cranberry dip.  We are real people, and she has actually the most running experience!

IMG_1051This is Katherine and I in Maine summer 2006.

So I never thought I would be one to run a half marathon, but part of the course goes almost right by my house and I need a goal.  The Baltimore race in Oct. 8th, Katherine will be running in Sept.  I have created a training plan and am super excited.  Any advice is greatly appreciated!  My training doesn’t start for another 2 weeks so I am going to stick to my normal workouts until then but try to do more outdoor running.

SO for today – 3mile outdoor run followed by Body Pump Action!!!!

Dinner was another new squash.

IMG_4216Anyone know the name of this one?  Almost a round zucchini.  I cut this little sucker up into rounds and coated one side in cooked quinoa, curry, cloves, parsley, thyme, and oregano.  I baked it for 20min.  Along with some sweet potato fries with goat cheese dip!  I love sweet potatoes in goat cheese!  I just added a some skim milk to make it creamy.

IMG_4217IMG_4220If this wasn’t enough, Nick and I spilt a large salad with FM lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes from the garden and purple peppers.

IMG_4218my sweet end was a vanilla meringue.


Off to hangout with Nick and dream about running 13.1 miles!  Ah so far, so crazy!

Tomorrow is Friday! yayay!!!


One Comment on “A Tale of 3 Runners 13.1”

  1. Katherine says:

    Hooray for half marathons!!!!! So excited to cross that finish line!!!

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