Tabbouleh, Tabouli

Do you know what it is??? I made it today for work potluck and no one knew what it was…honestly I am not that surprised.  People seem to gravitate towards to store bought cakes around here.  Anyway here is the recipe that I used from Real Simple, but I took out the cucumbers and added feta.  I also used a small purple onion instead of scallions.  I may have also added extra lemon because I looooove lemon.  Mine had a little more bulgur then the picture, but I think next time I will reduce the amount of bulgur to parsley from 1/1 to .5/1.

 Training updates:

  • Katherine and Liz had off yesterday and did some yoga at home.
  • Jen is study, study, study!!!!
  • I ran 4 mile with hills.  My HR did not get very high, and I ran pretty slow.  Given the crazy wind that was blowing in a T-storm and the humidity I am just glad I got through it. – I am hoping today’s run will be at bit easier.

I may try a test run on the computer tonight…I am scared to even turn it on!

Happy Thursday All!


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