Moving in Life

I’ve got my plants packed up and little orange stickers on all of my cube items.  Everything is packed away in blue bins and ready for transport.

Only problem…they aren’t being moved until Wednesday morning…We are packing computers and phones tomorrow so I am not really sure what the day will bring, but it should be interesting.

I had leftover wheat berry salad and chard along with my first pear of the season from the FM.



The cucs had gotten a little soggie but the wheat berries were still nice a chewy!  I really need to make them more often.  Check out this huge chard leaf.


After seeing this article pop up around blog land I knew I need to read it : Getting Real about the High Price of Cheap Food Similar notes as Food INC.  but still very interesting.  I also really enjoyed the embedded stories within the article, especially the ones that showed typical grocery hauls from around the world.  Honestly these pictures really make Americans look like processed food pigs.

Snackage happened around 3:30 when I got bored/hungry.  I had the typical blueberry oat round and orange seltzer…and of course I forgot to snap a shot.

Mondays are usually spin nights, but Nick and I are signing up for a new gym that is closer to the new apt tonight and if I wanted $60 off I had to go sign up today.  I am hoping that I can get out of my current gym contract with some help from my 401K but we will see.  Either way I will be saving money in the long run even if I have to spend a little extra right now.  Before out apt. I had a cinnamon roll Larabar.  “Was that supposed to taste like a cinnamon roll?”  That is what I was thinking after I ate it.

009Good thing I had this around 6pm because I was already getting hungry and didn’t end up eating dinner til 8pm.  I wasn’t super hungry so I took my time creating.

Smashed chicken breast with eggplant and Dinosaur BBQ sauce stacked on an Arnold Sami thin.  I also had a salad with heirloom mater, pepper and cuc.

010011This was almost too much food, but I finished 🙂  No need for dessert tonight, I’m stuffed!

Time for the season finale of Weeds!

Woohoo Monday is over!



Yikes!  It is so dark out this morning.  AND cool.  I actually threw on my robe this morning…of course the roommate put on the AC when it is in the 60s!  GRRR.  It is truly fall, the last of the schools are opening today and labor day is coming.

This week is moving week in all aspects of my life.  We are finally moving offices and in case you have been living in a whole lately Nick and I are moving to the county together!  It should be stress filled, but all good things are coming.

For breakfast I also went the warm route.

~ 3/4 cup Me&Goji Muesli with 1/2 cup h20, 1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk, 1/2 naner cooked in, handful granola, 1 white peach and a spoon of almond buttah!

00100262 outside, and the AC on in here…there is something wrong with this picture…Starting next week we will not be able wasting energy and $$$ with AC!

What is your threshold for using AC?  I grew up without it so I think I do better then these southerners.

Attack your Monday!!! 🙂

8 Miler

After breakfast I set to work packing up the kitchen.  I don’t even have 1/2 my kitchen stuff in this house and yet I have so many bags packed!  To fuel me through the packing I made a red and green or I guess brown smoothie.  Frozen raspberries, baby spinach, vanilla protein powder and skim.

007After cleaning packing and organizing I need some veg time with the movie “The Hulk” and an english muffin with PB&Co Cinnamon Raisin Swirl.

008Once fully digested I went out for my first 8 mile run ever!  Isported my new hat and brought 3 Clif Shot Blocks for the road.

010Haha I look creepy in this picture!

011I liked these…a little more jelly then gummy I think, and sticky.  They need some sort of dry powder so they could be thrown in a pocket without the plastic wrap.

THE RUN – I made it and it went really well!  Once I got to mile four everything was moving easily and I knew I was going to be able to do this!  It feels so amazing to be able to run this far.  I used to think 3 miles was the furthest I could ever run and now I have more than doubled that!

Post recovery drink I wanted to try out.

012I mixed 1/2 this pouch with leftover coffee from this morning and milk.  I think I needed the full packet to get the chocolate flavor, but we will see how sore I am in the morning.

Check out this chard that I got at the farmers market!

013Yum, bright colored greens!

Along with my chard I cooked up some wheat berries and mixed them with FM tomato, yellow pepper, cuc, Mrs. Dash original blend and parm cheese.

015This was actually really good and super simple to make.  I always forget about my little wheat berries.

014All together.

I think I am off to have a chocolate vitatop and some coffee fro-yo, ya know got to clean out the freezer 😉

Ugh is tomorrow really Monday?!?  At least I only have a four day week.

Have a super rest of your evening!

New Kicks

Is the weekend really almost over again?  I feel like just started!  The worst part is, is that I didn’t get my to-do finished.  I guess I will have to do most of it this Friday before I pick up our keys!!!

So yesterday, I did get something completed.

After a little lunch of flat out wrap with AB, apple butter and banana.  I also had 2 carrots with pine nut hummus.

001I also had a little coffee milk through a straw.  I used to drink milk with a little bit of coffee in it when I was a kid and this reminded me of that.

002After loading 3 bags of my stuff to take to Good Will I headed up to Nick’s Dad’s house to do an overhaul of all of his clothes.  In total we had 7 huge bags dropped off for donation and countless bags of trash.

A big sigh for less crap in our lives!

I then set off to get myself a new pair of runners!

006Asics Gel Nimbus 11 meeting Gel Nimbus 10.  The shoe hand shake.  Can’t wait to get these going later today!

Once I got home I had about 45min to shower and get ready to go to Fed Hill for the Raven game.  I packed my dinner to go in plastic so I didn’t have to worry about Tupperware.

003Leftover tuna and noodles with extra spinach balsamic and a slice of harvest bread.  I also had a huge nalgene of unsweet iced tea to mix for 2x sweet tea vodkas during the game.  I alternated mixed drinks with h20 and got some seriously strange looks from people for drinking water.

We weren’t planning on going out, but the gents really wanted to get some frozen ravens.  yeah gross in my opinion.  I am not a frozen sugar drink person, but they love them!

004We ended up getting home way too late due to the fact that my dance partner Garrett accused us of being party poopers and always leaving when people head out to the bars.  Honestly the bars are hot, drink and expensive.  Not really a place I like to go but the single men looooove it.


This morning I finally got out of bed around 9:30 and wanted an omelet.

0052 eggs, milk, S&P, green salsa, yellow peppers, mexican cheese blend.  I also had 1/2 of a white peach and coffee with skim.

It is beautiful day out!  Too bad I need to finish packing/cleaning.  I am going to open up all the doors and windows to get some fresh air in this place.  It reeks of AC.  Gross.

Check ya later!

Dangerous Pie

This morning was my last trip to the Fells Point Farmers market.  Not that big of a deal because there are some out where we are moving.  There was a new vendor today!

001I got 1/2 a pie for a special reward for Nick if he gets his butt in gear and cleans today!

002How could you pass this up!  Strawberry rhubarb, my favorite flavor!

I decided to make my favorite breakfast – french toast.  Two slices of multi-grain bread dipped in almond milk, egg whites, vanilla, almond extra, flax, cinnamon and nutmeg.  Topped with Naturally Nutty vanilla almond butter blueberries and banana.

003I love weekend french toast!

Time to clean, organize and get a Goodwill bag together.  The best part of moving is seriously purging!

Got to get started!

Yes, Saturday morning!

Last Call For Gelato

I am currently listening to the Cornell posts that Tina posted early and really enjoying it already!  Nick and I are staying in tonight to watch a movie and drink some vino.  We also hit up the gelato place in Canton for the last time before we move (maybe going back for a cannoli before we go 😉 )

I am getting ahead of myself…

Today was another crazy weird Friday at MDE.  We are moving finally to the 5th floor next week and some started moving today.  Then we came to find out that there have been mine living in some of the cubes we are moving into!  Like people were working there with the mice and never noticed.  GROSS!

For a slap together lunch I think I did pretty well!

003Almond butter with raspberry jam and naner.  Plain Chobani with blueberry granola, 1 orange and a TJs 100 cal 70% dark chocolate bar.

004These chocolate bars are really good and good portion control on the chocolate!

005This was a great way to make and AB and jelly!  I really liked the doughy english muffin.

I worked on some more reporting updates and listened to some more crazy stories from the 5th floor.

Afternoon snack included another blueberry oat round and a mini CT plum

006When I got home from work I was still a little hungry and decided to have my last black bean brownie.

007I will be making more of these once we move and I get to use my new gadget from my grandparents, but I reveal that then.


I ended up running the same 6.5 miles as Wednesday.  I finished 3 min slower!  My legs were def feeling the speed and weights from yesterday, but I got through it.  It wasn’t really tired, but I was more tight and sore in my hammies and quads.  Good thing tomorrow is a day off!


Dinner’s focus = move less.  Clean out some food from the fridge and cupboard.

009Rest of a box of Barilla Plus elbows, 1 sweet potato, parm cheese, 2 string cheeses, 1/2 purple onion, can of tuna, 2 basil cubes, nutmeg and spinach.  Baked for 15 at 350.

While this was baking I poured myself some Makers Mark and lime 🙂

008excellent sipping drink.

Nutmeg and basil actually go really well together!  I was really surprised!

OK finally to the gilato…

0101/2 peanut butter fudge and 1/2 amaretto.  Both delicious and soooo much better the Cold Stone.  Nick and I both agree we are never going back there.

Ok wine and movie time!

Yay weekend of organization to move is upon us!  I love organizing!

Late Awakening

When the alarm went off and I rolled over to look at the alarm clock it was already 7AM!  I had forgotten to re-set it from “Nick time” yesterday.  Now that I was running 45min behind I hurried to get dressed brew a pot of coffee, come up with something for lunch and mix up some breakfast.

Thankfully I had the bottom of the Chobani 16oz tub to use as a breakfast base.


I had 1/4 cup of everything…Greek yogurt, milk, kashi heart to heart, Uncle Sam, Nature’s Path flax flakes and Natures Path Cinnamon Blueberry.  I also had 3/4 banana, 1 CT white nectarine and some blueberries.


All mixed up and ready to be shoved in my mouth as I sent this pictures to myself in order to get this b-fast post up as soon as I got to the office.  Now I had to get off this thing and get started on work.  Talk about blog dedication!

Happy Friday Everyone! 🙂