Chocolate Day!

Monday seems to be flying by.  Love that!

In the news today, Rachel Alexander (horse that won the Preakness) beat the boys again!  I love a good filly win!  Cash for Clunkers is out of money 27 days faster then they predicted.  And, closest to my cause, the world’s fish population won’t be gone by 2048 as predicted if we stop overfishing NOW!  I remember when this original story came out, total shock!  Buy sustainable fish!

Anyway, onto my delicious lunch!

I had a bangin lunch today full of special treats!  I had a salad with leftover tabbouleh salad, cucumber melon (which is a melon that tastes like a cucumber) 211 and carrots.  I also had 1/4 apple, 1 white nectarine and a few strawberries.  Why so much fruit?? Only to dip it into my favorite mocha yogurt!!!!  I as had a extra super special treat that my mom brought me from the town of my high school, Kent CT!  A marzipan truffle!!!!


Training update!

  • Katherine and Liz have a 6 mile run planned for this afternoon!
  • Jen finally got back on the road after getting and awesome score on her GREs!!! She did 7miles yesterday…told you she could run!
  • Yesterday evening I did 5 miles with hills is 42min.  I had to double check on google earth to make sure my mileage was correct…that is super fast for me!

Afternoon snack was a NEW oat bar!  Orange Cranberry, Pecan and Carob Chip!  They are a winner!  I got the orange cranberries from TJs and they just remind me of an orange cran pecan bread I used to eat at thanksgiving time.


I also love that these have ZERO added sugar except for the bit in the cranberries.  I really prefer making my own bars as opposed to regular granola bars that have so much added sugar!

Today was cross training day aka spin class.  Monday spin is the hardest day they offer at my gym, and I don’t know if my muscles were tired from my run yesterday or it was just really hard, but today’s class kicked my butt!  I had such a hard time with all of the sprints, ugh.  I am so happy tomorrow is yoga and stretch day.  I may have to re-evaluate my spin cross day once I am running 10miles the day before.

On the way home from the gym there were 4 french bull dogs out for a walk…sooo cute and put me in such a good mood!

After a quick shower I tried something new…soba noodles!  I mixed about 1/4 block of tofu with garlic, ginger, onion a small amount of soy sauce and lime juice.  While this simmered I added a patty pan, tomatoes and a 1/2 of avocado when finished.  I topped about 1oz of soba noodles, which I cooked to the package specifications.

008This was pretty delicious!  Maybe soaked in the juices over night as a cold salad it would be extra delicious!  For a nice treat I had a Vitamuffin Pom chocolate brownie and an adora disk…chocolate! Yum! 🙂

009OK, house hunters and Weeds!!!! Yay Monday is over!  Good Night!  Wow, lots of Chocolate today!


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