Cutting it Short

All thumbs up at the dentist! WooHoo! I seem to always have teeth issues and it is NOT because I don’t brush there is just something with my teeth that they don’t understand and causes me to have px toothpaste.

Back-up a bit…at work we finally got to SHRED documents!  Well actually we put docs into a bin that will be shredded off site.  So it wasn’t the dramatic shred I was hoping for, but we did get a ton of files out of the place.

We broke for lunch at 12, and I got to try my soup from last night!003I was amazing! Nice and spicy with the smokieness of the cumin and the sweetness of the corn.  Check it out!  You can see the tomatillo seeds 🙂

004I also had some white peach, strawberries and an adora disk.  Oh and obviously a large piece of delicious honey oat bread for dipping!

I got to leave at 1pm for the dentist and it was like I was skipping out on school.  Working only 5 hours was amazing!

After my 100% check and gold star I headed over to a small shopping park for a few more things to add to my Boston bound package!!! 😉  Oh and what did I find???  Only that Sports Her Way was having a HUGE sale!  I have been wanting to get some more gear for running (I currently have mostly lax gear from college) and 50% off under armour and nike was just up my alley. Check out my running gear from this evening!

005Two new pairs of dry weave shorts and nike dryfit tanks.  You can also see what is going on with my garden…not so good.  Well at least my tomatoes don’t like the deck.

I did 4 miles of hills in 34min.  My legs felt like lead, but I still managed a pretty fast pace.  I remember Wed. was my hardest day last week too.  Will be interesting to follow.

AND dinner!  I really had no idea what to make so I went with two plates full of lots of goodies.

006007008Plate one had: 1 egg + 1 egg white + sauteed onions + green salsa + avocado and a baby sweet potato.  Plate two had: sweet pepper, cucumber, tomato and chickpea hummus.  I love plates for dinner, delicious! So many flavors and variety.  I am assuming I will have the same PB and 1/2 arnold thin with tea in a little bit, once I get those things in my mind I can’t get them out.

Hope everyone enjoyed their Wednesday!!!!


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