My Jar Floweth Over

With my Me&Goji Muesli!

I decided to make something floating all over the blog world this morning…bottom of the jar oats, or in my case bottom of the jar Muesli.

001I let 1/2 cup of my Me&Goji mix with 1/2 cup skim and 1/2 cup plain Greek yogi last night.  this morning I heated it up (to loosen the PB) and added a handful of Uncle Sam, 1/2 a white peach and 5 chopped strawberries.

This was good, but a bit bitter.  I should have used a mix in like granola to give it a little more sweetness besides the fruit.  It was still filling and tasted pretty good.


Wow!  I just saw that they released the two reporters from North Korea!  I didn’t think they were ever coming back, crazy!  I guess Bill Clinton really has some clout OR the US made a super sweet deal with North Korea.

Half day at work today so I can get to the dentist 😦  Fingers crossed all goes well!

Have a wicked Wednesday!


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