Nick’s Return!

The sun is still behind the clouds around these parts.

I had to reorganize my stimulus reporting pile…I will now be reporting to 4 different sources the same info in different formats.  Why can’t they share? Don’t ask me.  At least it look up a great chunk of the morning.

Lunch was served promptly at noon in my cube.  Looks pretty boring from afar but just wait!


A WW flax wrap with salsalito turkey, Havarti cheese and roasted peppers.  One Bugs Bunny carrot and plain Greek yogurt with the other 1/2 of my sunrise peach.


I am telling you, roasted peppers really make a sandwich!

I also had an adora disk, but I forgot about it during picture snapping time due to the fact that is was still in the lunch tote.

The rest of the afternoon was spent finishing the shred job and removing non recyclables from the recycling bin.  Some people are so lazy!!!

We had to break for snack time at 4pm

006Orange Cran, pecan with carob chips oat bar and the usual seltzer.

After work I went for a 4 mile run with a lifting session at the gym.  I did arms, back, legs and core.  Yikes I am pooped.  At least tomorrow is a short 2mile speed workout that might get pushed to Sat. because we are going to a concert.

NICK was coming form shrimp soft tacos!

WW flax tortilla shells, shrimp in sauteed onions, black beans, mexi mix cheese and salsa.  I also made a avocado, plain greek yogi and enchilada.

007010I also made a veggie plate with patty-pan, cucs and sweet peppers topped with lemon and chili powder.

009OK off to sip on some sweet dreams tea and hangout with Nick!!!!

Tomorrow is Friday!


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