Greening at Lunch

During lunch I like to check out the Self blog page.  Actually it is the place I first found out about the wonderful world of food blogging.

There were two articles posted about being more Green and Eco-friendly.  Because I am and Environmental Scientist by trade I thought I would pick highlight a few note worthy articles.

In Save Like Me : She talks about reducing our  Plastic use.  I know I love when I can get my entire lunch into reusable Tupperware (even if stoneware would be better 😦 ).  I always feel so wasteful when I reach for a plastic sandwich bag, because honestly who really reuses them?  They do have a mat that unfolds from a sandwich pouch, but that only helps with sandwiches and dry items.  I have cut back my individual yogurt purchasing so that makes me feel good, even though it was more of a $$ issue then an environmental one.  Two places I went this weekend had no recycling…one was a business and one was a home.  Get with it people!

In Healthy Bites: There was an article about a Green Cookbook that involves local in season simple ingredients.  I liked the recipes that they had for samples in the book because they ingredient list was short and they were all things that most could come back at their local grocery store.

Simple Step make BIG Changes!


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